People we like to do business with!

John & Jackie Romero who run Carillon Studios and founded Eastbourne Accordion Festivals are two of the best known in the business. Keyboard software and things Music Tech run through their veins. Oh yes, and they write websites as well (including this one). Give them a call on 01606 270148 if you need your own website.

John & Jackie Romero’s fabulous charity website for those in society with Additional Needs and their carers. This is a great resource based website that also shows just how to help the local community.

We have been working with the Accordion Shop for more years than we care to remember and have a great relationship with this superb family run business. If you are looking for an accordion they have our highest recommendation!

If you need a place to have your website hosted try Qbic. Super quick & efficient technical help. Their team always goes the extra mile, it’s where this site is hosted and we just wouldn’t go anywhere else!