Hello and Happy New Year

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

We hope that you are all well and staying safe. This last year has been very strange in so many ways, but hopefully we are on the home straight now.

We are both really disappointed not be able to run the festival this year and are missing the hustle and bustle of last minute preparations in the run up to the weekend.

So, we had an idea to hold a virtual ‘Guest’ concert (with us at home being the guests).

We would love to see what you have been working on over the last year, a favourite piece, your own composition, a song, poem or even a cheery ‘Hello’ message.

If you would like to partake please can you let us know by replying to this email, by text (07736273634 including your name) or Facebook message so we can put together a running order and can estimate the time needed.

This will be a live event via Zoom (better get our tech heads on). We will send out the meeting codes etc by Friday evening.

Of course we would love to see you there to say Hi if you would rather watch with drinks and nibbles at the ready!

Realising this is short notice so if it’s not possible for many we can always change the date to suit the majority.

Hope we will see you there.

Best Wishes,

Colette and Gennaro Fiondella (we just managed to squeeze in getting married in October so last year wasn’t all bad!)

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