Carillon Music School

John has been playing since the age of 8 and was a British Champion at just 15. Years of experience have led to a wealth of knowledge about the instrument.

Having closed his well-known music school in Eastbourne three years ago when they moved John has decided that now is the time to reopen it in Middlewich, Cheshire. Consequently, John is now looking for new pupils for any of the following subjects.

Lessons for those interested in piano accordion. From absolute beginner to advanced, just for a bit of fun right up to competition standard.
Lessons for those interested in knowing more about electronic/midi accordions. The main aim here is to teach what can be achieved with today’s modern instruments and how. Not sure about midi and your accordion? No one in the UK knows more about the subject.
Those interested in keyboards. Again the main aim here is to teach what can be achieved with todays modern instruments and how. Couple Johns place in the organ & keyboard world, Carillon Studios keyboard software and his knowledge of entertaining you are assured in getting the very best out of your instrument.
Lessons cost £15.00 per half hour or £25.00 per hour. A discount for under 16’s is available (please note under 16’s must have an accompanying adult with them).

If you fancy having a go at playing an accordion but are not sure if it might suit you, try a 20 minute tester lesson for just £5.00

Don’t have your own accordion? For a refundable deposit we will loan you an instrument until you decide to buy your own.

John is quite happy to have lessons recorded to so that pupils can take the lesson home with them for practising (ipad/tablet phone etc).

For those that need to travel a long distance Morning/Afternoon/Whole day lessons may be booked in advance. Tea/coffee and will be provided for half day lessons and a light lunch for whole day lessons.